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Labour Advisory

  • Overall advice of labour relationships

    Legal reports and daily advice. Hiring structures, main changes, disciplinary regimes, labour conflicts, dismissalls and layoff processes - collective and individuals - contract labour extinctions, special labour top management relationships, etc. Company staff structuring advice strategy.

  • Subcontract and Outsourcing structures

    Contract cascade succession and risk advisory on illegal staff cession

  • Law Management over Judicial and Administrative Procedures

    Arbitration and labour management intermediate. Labour, working and staff Inspections

  • Social Advisory

    Advisory over Social Security matters, benefits, deductions, pensions, prevent labour risks and establish Social Prevision Systems and Pension Funds. Advice and Implementation of Flexible Wages Plans

  • Technology usage

    Consultant and planning over new techs usage and impact related to labour and staff matters

  • Collective Negotations

    Collective Agreements, Company Agreements, management of query periods over collective dismissals, suspension and workday reduction, collective structural changes, geographical labour allocation and other labour conditions excluded agreements.

  • In company training

    In company training and periodic publishing of updated labour items

  • Labour Due Diligence

    Labour advice over assets purchased and M&A processes